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A talented drummer, who often posts drum covers, North also excels in several sports, including basketball, which is his favorite.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction *Sequel to Good, Bad, & Undecided* Kyle snorted. Austin Mahone doesn't fall in love," He mocked, "You'd choose a shot over some girl any day." A few months ago, I would have laughed and agreed to that horrid statement but a... He still hasn't been to school most likely because he's with Payton. She really wants to meet you." I flashed him a cheesy grin and plopped another french fry into my mouth.

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"And at prom, I'm going to have to see him and Payton together. Whether it's friendly or not, I still love you. I turned around, acknowleding his confused expression."Home," I responded simply and turned back around. I shook my wrist out of his grip, turned around, and headed to my car without turning back.___________________________________________________________________ HAY GURL HAY.

" I asked, shaking myself out of my memories."I told you, I love you," I responded."I'm sorry, Alex. You hurt me..." I responded, not exactly sure what I meant by that.

Then, something popped in my head and without warning, tears began streaming down my face once again. He grinned nervously, scratching the back of his neck. " My tears stopped and I relaxed, not talking for a few seconds. You told me you loved me throughout yours and Payton's entire relationship yet, you gave her your virginity. I began walking back towards my car until I heard Alex's steady footsteps jogging after me. " He asked."I don't what you're doing but I'm trying to get to my car," I answered, trying to break free of his tight grip on me.

But how do forget someone who's always been there for you your entire life? I don't even think I can go.""Well, that sucks because that's what I came over here to ask you in the first place." I looked up at him, probably with somewhat hopeful eyes. I just wanted to say that I hope your happy with yourself."I huffed and turned around. He grabbed my hand, whipping me around to face him."What are we doing?

Austin's career took off after being discovered at a talent showcase. He is a car enthusiast, enjoys surfing, snowboarding and spending time with his family, friends and his dogs.

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