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The bright lights are not the only aspect of stardom the band have struggled to adjust to.The Manchester pair are still in many ways innocents abroad.

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And the guy just went to me, 'Yeah, yeah.' I turned back and our manager said, 'No, Lil Wayne was the guy sitting next to him.' I turned round again, stretched past the first guy and said to this other guy, 'Hi Lil Wayne, Jules from the Ting Tings, nice to meet you...' And as I'm doing it, I'm pouring my glass of champagne all down my front..." His mortified bandmate Katie White did what she does best, retreating behind a curtain of bleached-blonde hair. This time last year they were a duo known only to Manchester hipsters and the artist friends with whom they shared studios-cum-accommodation in Islington Mill, a former cotton mill in Salford.

They had released one single on a tiny local label, and had a decent following on My Space, but were better known for putting on parties in the converted loft space they called home.

It is, therefore, a somewhat frayed Ting Tings who are loitering this Saturday afternoon in the foyer of the Experience Music Project in Seattle.

This colourful and architecturally daring rock'n'roll museum – it looks like a melted frying pan made by Fisher-Price – was set up by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and is dedicated to Seattle-born Jimi Hendrix. As their small road crew ready the stage for the sound check, De Martino and White idly discuss the strains of being a buzz band the world over.

Farcically, this super-fresh sound of Britain's DIY/digital revolution wasn't even nominated for this year's Mercury Music Prize.

And now the rest of the world is jumping aboard the Ting Tings bandwagon.A few days ago they flew to the US after four frenetic days in Australia.They're already known in America as "the i Pod band" – "Shut Up and Let Me Go" soundtracked the most recent ad for Apple's music player."But they haven't helped with all the strobes and camera flashes," he says, adding that his eye is too weak to cope with the light flashing into his brain.On a couple of recent occasions, on red carpets and at big events, he's started having epileptic-type seizures.The pair and Taylor hit it off, and he wound up producing the group’s third album . De Martino is a fan of Skrillex While claiming to not be a huge fan of the EDM genre that has taken the world by storm, Jules De Martino has been noted for saying he is a fan of Skrillex.

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