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To create an update-able view, you must modify the wizard (or other tool) generated XML file (data model).Each time you generate a new data model (for example when the schema changes), you will need to reapply these steps.Complex mapping, such as mapping an entity class to multiple tables, is not supported.

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LINQ to SQL itself translates all the necessary operations into the necessary SQL operations that you are familiar with. In the following example, the company names of customers from London are retrieved and displayed in the console window.

Northwnd nw = new Northwnd(@"northwnd.mdf"); // or, if you are not using SQL Server Express // Northwnd nw = new Northwnd("Database=Northwind; Server=server_name; Integrated Security=SSPI"); var company Name Query = from cust in nw.

For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2017, see How to: Create LINQ to SQL classes mapped to tables and views (O-R Designer) on docs.

LINQ to SQL classes that are mapped to database tables and views are called .

I really, really struggled to find a similiar link for VB Look at that link and maybe you'll see something in your own code that might fix things.

Here's a link that shows you how creating, updating, and deleting is done with C#. I have Visual Studio 2008 and Entity Framework is not installed. The entity class maps to a record, whereas the individual properties of an entity class map to the individual columns that make up a record.Create entity classes that are based on database tables or views by dragging tables or views from Server Explorer/Database Explorer onto the LINQ to SQL Tools in Visual Studio. Company Name For Each customer In company Name Query Console. Northwnd nw = new Northwnd(@"northwnd.mdf"); Customer cust = new Customer(); cust. Dim nw As New Northwnd("c:\northwnd.mdf") Dim city Name Query = _ From cust In nw. Insert On Submit(cust); // At this point, the new Customer object is added in the object model. ' In LINQ to SQL, the change is not sent to the database until ' Submit Changes is called. Submit Changes() a database entry, first retrieve the item and edit it directly in the object model.

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