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She may be checking for emails, texts and social news countless times a day because she is afraid that if she misses anything big, that will prove that she is dispensable, unnecessary and unimportant—and that the world can function without her.

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But once our kids were gone, the burden of caring for those pooches fell squarely on our shoulders.

As our dogs aged, that responsibility took some pretty distressing turns.

Neil Rosenthal, LMFT, offers couples therapy and marriage counseling in Denver, Westminster, and Boulder, Colorado.

He specializes in strengthening intimate relationships. His internationally syndicated "Relationships" column is now in its 23rd year.

She may not be aware how often she’s scanning for information, or may not understand how her behavior is affecting you (and probably others).

And if she is doing this at work, her employment may be at risk without her even being aware of it.

When we’re constantly scanning the environment, as your girlfriend is doing, we are partly there with others and partly focused on not missing anything, whether it be news, social interaction, alerts, phone calls, emails, texts or something else.

This partial attention we use to scan our environment means that we aren’t giving our full attention to the person (or the people) next to us, which can lead you to feel that although she might be right next to you, she’s actually not there.

But she was also a pain in the neck –nippy, ornery and expensive.

So when people ask me if I’m getting another dog, I have trouble detangling the complicated clump of emotions that rises in my throat.

Either way, when she is on hyper-alert to her cell phone, nothing else is receiving her full attention.

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