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ISO - The Maintenance Agency for ISO standard 3166 is supported directly by the central secretariat of the ISO in Geneva.

It maintains an authoritative list of ISO Alpha-2 Codes . See the changes in ISO 3166-1 page for the change history.

The majority of top-level domain names are referred to as cc TLD, or country-code Top Level Domains. URLs with as their top-level domain are supposed to be assigned to French individuals, organizations, and companies by a French administrative body.

IANA has chosen to use ISO 3166 as a basis for the cc TLDs (see their list ), and sticks to it very closely.

Named ranges have many uses in Excel including using them in formulas and when creating charts.

The following list shows the countries of the world, according to international standard ISO 3166-1.

When ISO split land from Finland, GEC did not, so that is one more point of difference between them.

The newer GENC standard has retained these variations, but uses ISO-like codes.However, some of the codes reported there are not the ones in actual use, because some countries are lax in reporting their codes to the U. In recent years, unauthorized stickers have come on the market to promote various tourist areas. Consequently, even direct observation may not be sufficient to establish the correct Distinguishing Sign for a country.A Wikipedia user in Uruguay, Mauri Manya, says that the Distinguishing Sign for Uruguay has changed to UY "al adoptar el sistema unificado en todo el pas" (on the adoption of a unified system throughout the country).Some of the more commonly used options: as the source for our list items rather than the actual list names, changing the cookie names in the named range located in cells A1 to A4 on sheet 2 immediately changes the names in the drop down list.If the data is entered directly into the dialog box, making changes to the list involves going back into the dialog box and edit the source line.Therein, they are called "distinguishing signs of the place of registration" of vehicles.

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