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The purchaser will have no arguments and/or claims and/or demands against Alrov Hotels in this matter.

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The implementation of the reservation is on the basis of availability only.

Alrov Hotels reserves the right not to confirm a reservation for any reason and on it's sole discretion.

The credit card companies are as follows: Visa Cal , Visa Alpha, Visa Leumi, Diners Club, American Express, Isracard and Mastercard.

The purchaser is only allowed to use the website in order to make a reservation and purchase services and/or receive information. Illegal use of this website or any of the information contained therein contravenes the copyright or the laws associated with them.

Alrov Hotels reserves the right to change the general rules of usage of the website at any time.

Any disputes, if and when they arise, will be resolved in Israel, in the courts of the city of Jerusalem only.

(hereinafter: "Alrov Hotels") owns the copyrights of the website and any other module that is connected to the website.

One must not copy, photocopy, advertise, distribute, sell or change parts of the information that appears on the website without the written permission from Alrov Hotels, with the exception of downloading for personal (and not commercial) use.

Legal steps will be taken against those who present false information, including claims for damages that could be caused to the website, to its operator and/or its owners and/or its managers and/or those working on their behalf.

The implementation of a reservation will be done by inputting details of the purchase into the system.

All the rights on the website, without exception, are reserved exclusively to Alrov Hotels.

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