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She can take a peek however, if she first removes a glove or shoe.

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Consortium is a word used for the sharing of property, usually used in a technical sense for the property held by heirs, but could also be used in the context of marriage.

Such usage was commonly seen in Christian writings.

Involving the mater (mother), it carries with it the implication of the man taking a woman in marriage to have children.

It is the idea conventionally shared by Romans as to the purpose of marriage, which would be to produce legitimate children; citizens producing new citizens.

Bomboniere usually contains a present, confetti (sugared almonds), and printed ribbons.

The number of confetti included in the bomboniere is important – it should be an odd number, preferably five or seven for good luck.

Romulus and his band of male immigrants were rejected conubium, the legal right to intermarriage, from the Sabines.

According to Livy, Romulus and his men abducted the Sabine maidens, but promised them an honorable marriage, in which they would enjoy the benefits of property, citizenship, and children.

For the bride, she will make a small rip in her veil to welcome good luck.

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