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It can be in CAD design when optimizing your file for 3D printing, when creating your nesting before launching the additive manufacturing process, or when preparing slicing.

If you don’t use a Cloud software such as Fabpilot (which won’t need a powerful computer to run, since all the tools are in the cloud), using the blockchain can be useful.

To make it easier to run all of them simultaneously, it could be interesting to create a network of 3D printers.

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Indeed, data is encrypted, and actions going through the blockchain are irreversible: you can’t modify or delete any action. Thus, there’s a need for new tools that match the right needs.

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How could blockchain be useful in the additive manufacturing field?

Indeed, there are multiple challenges 3D printing companies need to face.

Thus, they’re always looking for new ways to overcome them.

For instance, one of the main challenges is the fact that there’s a distributed supply chain in the world of additive manufacturing: there are multiple actors, exchanging high volumes of data, thus there’s a need for adequate tools to deal with it.

Thus, the blockchain could be used as a way to make sure you can trust your business partners.

3D printing businesses tend to own a fleet of 3D printers, which can be located in different places.

If we had to sum it up in only one sentence, we could say that blockchain is a new kind of very secured database, due to the fact that it’s a distributed database.

Every time that you want to add some data to a blockchain database, you add blocks to the database.

Here are five reasons why the use of blockchain can be an asset for the additive manufacturing industry.

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