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Lectins can also spike inflammation in the gut, skin, joints and the hypothalamus in susceptible people.Lectins are part of the defense mechanism of plants to protect them from being consumed (R).This condition, known as scombroid poisoning, occurs due to the high level of histidine in certain fish species being converted into histamine by marine bacteria [R].

One study found that a diet low in vasoactive amines alleviated chronic headache in 73 % of patients [R].

Another study reported that 27/44 (61 %) of subjects had a significant improvement in idiopathic urticaria, angioedema and pruritus on a diet low in dietary amines, although foods containing additives or high in natural salicylate were also restricted [R].

I recommend following my lectin avoidance diet, which is really an elimination diet that helps you figure out which foods you are sensitive to.

It doesn’t suit EVERYONE’s needs, but it’s a good template from which to build a personalized diet. We have an elimination diet course (now on sale for Self Hacked readers) that will provide you with: Do not confuse lectins with leptin, lactose or pectin.

When I was 20, I read “The China Study”, which listed the miracles of a plant-based diet.

In my experiments, I’ve found that the fewer plants I eat, the healthier I am.

Some dietary sources of lectins such as wheat can directly break tight junctions in gut cells (R, R).

On average, fifteen percent of a bean’s proteins are composed of lectins.

I’ve listed 19 chemicals found mostly in ‘plant-based’ foods that can cause chronic inflammation and autoimmunity.

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