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Regardless of who started it, his Twitter post suggested they’ve finally patched things up. ”I’m pissed off about Oasis breaking up but I don’t hold grudges.I’d had too much to drink at that awards night and I didn’t know who he was.At this he sounds flattered, although he says he’s only “one of them”, and notes that he doesn’t have quite the same lifestyle that he did 15 years ago, or even five. “Bands these days are all petrified of stepping out of line or saying anything controversial,” he decides, and launches another blistering vent, this time at frontmen who care more about their look than the actual music.

“I would prefer to be in a band, and we should never ever have split up, but I’m certainly not yearning for it, you know what I mean?

I was – I needed it four years ago, but I certainly don’t f***ing need it now.

You know when you have hot curry and you go ‘it’s f***ng mad this but it’s good ‘cos you’re sweating your tits off’.” He acknowledges that some critics – and fans – may likely claim the record is “not the same” without Noel onboard for songwriting duties. I had 20 years just being the f***ing man in the band.

But any lyrical void Noel leaves has been filled on the album with a series of smart collaborations, which leave the record more “Oasis-sounding” than anything else he’s released since the band split in 2009. But as soon as I put my voice on it’s f***ing bingo.” During the summer, Liam was omnipresent: headlining or close-to virtually every major festival in the UK and around Europe, performing on national TV (in the US and the UK) and announcing a headline tour in support of the album, to begin later in October.

‘Come and see Noel Gallagher, an enhanced experienced’, f***ing hell,” he says now.

“He’ll f***ing get arrested if he keeps putting out f***ing statements like that., produced by Greg Kurstin and Dan Grech-Marguerat, is classic Liam: swaggering, unapologetic – vintage rock ‘n’ roll.“I’d never met them [Kurstin and co-writer Andrew Wyatt] before so we went and had a cup of tea.“F***ing hell, what, for the f***ing enhanced experience?Sounds like a f***ing massage parlour, you know what I mean?I’d sing the songs then he’d go trot over to the sofa and he’d be there for f***ing days yapping, that was the good balance of Oasis.

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