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Which is ironic: they would trust any foreigner way more than the guy next door. One guy would take the best subscription, install a switch to start distributing the network to other people and finally, go from door to door to find subscribers.Anyway, here the DIY-spirit and the economic motivations became stronger than the culture of distrust. For each new subscriber, a UTP-ethernet cable would be plugged from their apartment to the apartment hosting the switch.What I didn’t know back then, is that not only he was “good with computers”, he especially knows his sh*t when it comes to servers. A few days later thanks to his advice, everything was set and I had learned something new.

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Net dating romania

My new husband and I met on this site and officially got married in December.

We couldnt be happier and both wish we had dont this sooner. I hope you find true love a love that will last into the new system.

A short story about how Romanian teenagers organized themselves in the early 2000’s, becoming their neighborhoods’ own internet providers.

A unique past that made those kids incredible at what they do now, and offered Romania one of the best internet services in the world, or Tinder 10 years before Tinder.

This is what made Romania’s internet services so competitive in today’s world.

As Bernie Sanders’s recent tweet illustrates it perfectly: Big companies decided to get their hands on those neighborhood networks.

Most of the time they were using the electric chute of the building to get the cable through, sometimes drill holes, or even use windows in the most sloppy and desperate cases.

The subscription owner would have the power over the means of communication: if you didn’t pay, used too much of the bandwidth, or got in a conflict with him, he could unplug your cable anytime.

The providers would go to the one-guy of the bloc to buy his network, using it first hand to acquire their customers. Today quite ironically, precisely while I’m writing this article, my new internet provider is installing a 500mb/s connection in my apartment. One of the good reasons for foreign web entrepreneurs to settle their new basecamp here.

Oh, and if you’d like to compare your internet connexion to the ones over here, just take the Bernie Sanders Speedtest. He was one of the many 16 years old kids building DIY-networking infrastructures in their bloc.

People started to connect buildings between them, and even developed a neighborhood intra-net.

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