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No mappings are actually generated until we push them into NHibernate, this gives us opportunity to customise them before-hand, which we'll go into later.

We're going to utilise the fluent configuration API to create our that you've configured elsewhere, we're just doing it in-line for brevity.

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There are still scenarios where it may not be suitable to use the auto mapping, at which point it would be more appropriate to use the Fluent mapping; however, for most greenfield applications (and quite a few brownfield ones too) auto mapping will be more than capable.

that's tied to the assembly that Product is declared.

Anyway, look at the two entities, the two mapping files, the four conventions, and then lastly, the single controller. Forums [ inesrt into (sequence, title, description, moderated, enabled, visible) values (? So first port of call, Ii you have mapped both Category Id and your Category list, remove the references to Category Id.

Of course, you don't have the db, but you can generate one if you wish using Schema Export and all that. The second failed with the following: cannot insert null into dbo. Relation Mapping framework, it infers relationships from objects.

Perhaps you have a property with the name of Id and type of , the auto mapping will decide that this is an auto-incrementing primary key.

By using the auto mappings, you can map your entire domain with very little code, and certainly no XML.

None); Now, I've tried every possible setting for inverse, all the different cascades, on both sides. It just flat fails, telling me it can't insert NULL for Forum.

Read Only Property Through Camel Case Field(Camel Case Prefix.

Auto mapping utilises the principle of convention over configuration.

Using this principle, the auto mapper inspects your entities and makes assumptions of what particular properties should be.

This is some winforms code which combines controller and view.

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