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"Judging from the photo on Twitter, this toad likely had more of its brain intact than the famous chicken," Taylor added.The toad's unsettling appearance also invited comparison to the four-legged form of the faceless Demogorgon, the terrifying monster in the TV show "Stranger Things," Nick Caruso, an ecologist at the University of Alabama, pointed out in a tweet.Instead of a face, it had only a stump covered by smooth tissue and a small opening where its mouth used to be, according to herpetologist Jill Fleming, who discovered the toad. Fleming spotted the unfortunate creature — an American toad () — in April 2016 in a state forest in Connecticut, where she was conducting research on Eastern red-spotted newts, she told Live Science in an email. In the tweet, she invited her fellow herpetologists, or "herp Twitter," to consider what might have caused the animal's highly unusual condition.

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In fact, a chicken that was beheaded in 1945 famously survived — entirely headless — for 18 months, as its life-preserving brain stem had been left behind when the head was cut off, the BBC reported in 2015.

The chicken's owner fed the headless bird liquid food and water with a dropper and kept its airway clear with a siphon, displaying it to stunned audiences on the sideshow circuit, according to the BBC.

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Turtles can also be victims of this "hibernation predation"; they are more likely than toads to survive such attacks, because much of their bodies is protected by their shells, Fleming said.

Many predators snack on toads in the northeastern United States, but the attacker of this faceless toad was probably a mammal, "since snakes and birds have a tendency to swallow things whole," Fleming said.

Perhaps the toad's hiding place left its head more exposed than the rest of its body — and thereby vulnerable to attack — but it's impossible to say for sure, she explained.

[Eye-Swallowing and Mouth Birth: Freaky Facts About Frogs] Even if a portion of the toad's brain had been gobbled up along with its face, clearly enough remained to keep the toad hopping, as basic motor functions such as breathing and jumping can, in some cases, be powered entirely by an animal's brain stem, Emily Taylor, a professor of biological sciences at California Polytechnic State University, told Live Science in an email.

One possible culprit could have been infestation by flesh-eating toad fly larvae (), which consume toads' soft tissues and weaken their fragile bones, wildlife veterinarian Lydia Franklinos suggested in a tweet.

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