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It's just people - and unfortunately, because of social or economic constraints, people will do or accept certain behaviors if they believe it will benefit them.

In fact, I have a live poll running on this site asking what makes Jamaica special; inevitably the majority says it is our people - not merely the beaches, food or music.

And by the way, I believe that there are still many good Jamaican men around (most are), I am a living, breathing testimony :-)I wonder if my other peeps would like to add anything?

She fully excepted when i was there that he had to leave her to come stay with me.

And there were many more, 1 who he got pregnant after our marriage and used money from me to get an abortion.

I just wish you good luck and be careful, asshole are everywhere...

If any Jamaican here ever wonders why women are attracted.

Jamaicans pride themselves on honesty but the truth is they are the most skilled liars you will ever find.

They learn from young that empathy, love and feelings in general is being weak. And it's the fault of a weak person when they get taken advantage of.

While there i met a guy who was so sweet, funny and full of life, but he came from an extremely poor background.

I went back a few times after that just to see him, i meet all his family and friends, and by all accounts he was a real genuine guy with no hidden agenda.

by Anonymous (Ontario, Canada) I am a white woman from Canada, the majority of my friends are from Jamaica.

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