Online dating predator dr phil

Self-deception is when a person rationalizes away or denies opposing evidence or logic.

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After several unconvincing answers (the scammer claims her country is West Africa and that her entire family perished recently in a plane crash), the suitor terminates the relationship, avoiding fraud.

This situation illustrates several common characteristics of scams.

Victims of online romance scams believe they will have the same success in their online relaitionships.

Online dating has been featured in popular culture.

This model is but one common scam with endless variations.

These operations may be individual, amateur efforts, or executed by larger crime syndicates based overseas .

Currently, has over 1.8 million paying subscribers.

The optimism bias causes legitimate users of online dating websites to underestimate their own risk of encountering an online romance scam.

Payments are often made through wire transfer, although victims have been asked to send physical goods, like electronics, as well.

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