Phantom of the opera dating game aol dating service

If a player makes it to Level 3, one (1) additional Pick will be awarded.As Level 3 is the final round, all Picks are bound to reveal only cash prizes.• A x2, x3, or x4 Multiplier that will apply to all bonus wins elicited from the related spin.

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Three or more Mask Scatters are more significant, as such an outcome initializes the Main Bonus Event.

The event commences with the presentation of three (3) Titles pertaining to free-game options, namely: Ten free spins will be awarded The round plays on a set of reels configured with Multiple Phantom Features that may occur singly, or as combined elements of one bonus turn.

In each game level, players will be awarded with three Picks in unraveling the prizes held by each Mask Icon.

If all three (3) Mask choices reveal only cash rewards, the bonus will be awarded. message enables players to collect current Pick winnings, as well as advance immediately to the next level.

After which, as many as 3 full-reel Wild Symbols land as outcomes of the related spin.

Letter Bonus – Erik's Letter occasionally emerges in Reel 5, simply to bring a random bonus cash prize.Both symbols land on any reel position once the spinning motion stops.As if performing a dance sequence, the Christine and Raoul Wilds may land on adjacent reels; or, even in the same reel. • Horizontally in Adjacent Reels – The Reels displaying the Christine and Raoul images become full-reel Wilds.• Same-Row, Same-Reel Position – When the two special Wilds land on the same reel position, a x3 Multiplier will apply to any combination/s completed by the combined Wilds.This is a 5-level Pick Bonus Game guaranteed to reward players with instant cash prizes.The third type is a Pick Bonus Game, guaranteed to reward players with cash bonuses.

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