Problems being friends after dating

She was popular and because she already had a boyfriend another boy admirer decided he 'loved me instead' even though he'd never met me!

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They tend to make twin troubles even worse because of their ignorance.

Being a teenager is hard enough without being an identical twin too.

I cut my long hair into a much shorter style (to contrast with my sister's hair which she kept long).

Some twins develop an unspoken agreement to split their roles or interests so each one strongly identifies with "her own" interest.

Unfortunately, when you look and achieve so much alike it's too easy for everyone to think you are actually "the same" (like a clone) rather than just very similar in your looks and talents.

I've always thought that I looked very different from my twin sister, even though we're identical twins.

Twins' identity issues often lead to problems for them during their teenage years.

Like singletons at this age, twins are also seeking to define themselves, but for individual twins this often involves trying to redefine themselves as "not the same as their twin".

It was difficult to contemplate "me" alone without my twin; she'd always been such an integral part of me. For most singletons this occurs around the age of 3-4 years as they go through the "I" stage - learning to distinguish themselves from other people and things around them.

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