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Said plans shall be submitted to the electors of said district on a separate ballot, bearing no party designation and in such form as said commission determines.A certified copy of the resolution determining such form shall be transmitted by said commission to the proper election authorities a sufficient length of time prior to said election to enable the ballot therefor to be prepared. Provisions shall be made by the board of elections for the preparation of the ballots for the holding of the election as provided in section 3313.05 of the Revised Code, and said election shall be conducted in all respects not specifically provided for in sections 3313.04 to 3313.07, inclusive, of the Revised Code, in a manner prescribed by general law for school elections.

Whenever the need for a special election under this section becomes known, the board of education shall immediately give written notice of this fact to the board of elections responsible for conducting the regular board of education election for that school district.

The term of a board of education member shall not be lengthened by the member's resignation and subsequent selection by the board or probate court under this section. (A) Each member of the educational service center governing board may be paid such compensation as the governing board provides by resolution, provided that any such compensation shall not exceed one hundred twenty-five dollars a day plus mileage both ways, at the rate per mile provided by resolution of the governing board, for attendance at any meeting of the board.

No member of an educational service center governing board shall receive in compensation under this division a total amount greater than five thousand dollars per year for service on the governing board.

Such compensation and the expenses of the educational service center superintendent, itemized and verified, shall be paid from the educational service center governing board fund upon vouchers signed by the president of the governing board.

Such question shall not be submitted to a referendum vote more than once in any period of four years and the percentage of electors required to sign such petition shall be based upon the total vote cast at the most recent regular municipal election.

Said resolution shall require that such question be submitted at the next regular municipal election and shall also provide for the appointment of a commission to frame two or more plans of organization for submission.

A certified copy of said resolution shall immediately after its passage be transmitted to the mayor and president of the board of sinking fund trustees of the city or cities in which the district has territory, and such commission shall be appointed and shall organize within sixty days after the passage of said resolution. The commission provided for by section 3313.04 of the Revised Code shall prepare and submit to the electors at the next regular municipal election, if one occurs not less than one hundred twenty days after the passage of the resolution mentioned in such section, otherwise, at the second regular municipal election, two or more plans for the organization of the board of education in such district, but in no event shall less than two plans be submitted.

Each plan shall provide for the number of members, the length of term of the members and the organization of the board; one such plan shall provide for a board of the same number and of the same organization as the board existing in said district at the time of said election.

Except as otherwise provided in this section, the commission shall consist of seven members, three of whom shall be appointed by the president of the board of education of such district, two by the mayor of the city in which such district is located, and two by the president of the board of sinking fund trustees of such city.

If a city does not have a board of sinking fund trustees, the city treasurer or the officer who exercises the functions of a treasurer shall appoint two members.

In city school districts containing, according to the last federal census, a population of one hundred fifty thousand persons or more, the board shall consist of not less than five nor more than seven members elected at large by the qualified electors of such district. Within three months after the official announcement of the result of each successive federal census, the board of education of each city school district which, according to such census, has a population of fifty thousand or more but less than one hundred fifty thousand persons and which elected to have subdistricts shall redistrict such districts into subdistricts.

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