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The paint scheme was a simplified one-color scheme without pin striping.

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" Powder coating vs heat retention XS650 electric start system (starter) XS650 - oil coming out of exhaust pipe Different types of XS650 oil filter modifications: "oil filter" XS650 oil coolers Oil leaks Oil sight glass?

Removing carbon from valves to increase compression Lapping valves (video) How-To: Remove the camshaft rocker arms Cam chain tensioner information (differences between years) How-To: Fix grinding starter gear Cylinder head cutaway Video: Replace left main oil seal / pull rotor Long rod conversion All about the XS650 clutch: "XS650 clutch" XS650 clutch plates: "clutch service limits" Removing the clutch center nut 8-plate billet XS650 clutch project 8-plate clutch mod (completed) XS650 clutch spring screw modification Clutch lever hard to pull Alignment hole in the clutch pressure plate Clutch worm actuator experiment and tidbits Clutch worm mod testing Clutch pushrod experiment and tidbits Clutch cable experiment and tidbits Video: Replace clutch pushrod oil seal Video: Replace clutch plates (discs) Video: Clutch basket removal and installation XS650 carburetor manuals, guides: "Carbs" Cleaning carburetors: "cleaning carbs" Removing the XS650 airbox and using pod filters: "Airbox to cones..." Methods to clean rusty gas tank: "Rust removal from inside gas tank" Fiberglass tank problems 2 into 1 intake manifold Fuel injection on an XS650? : "inlet manifolds with ethanol" Using Dell'orto carburetors on an XS650 Carb holders splitting: "Split carb mounts after 3 months" Carb jetting Rust in the tank Carburetor fuel "T": "Carb T-connector" Mikuni Round Slide (VM) ID and 34mm vs 36mm vs 38mm Throttle shaft seals (butterfly seals) Throttle shaft butterfly screw removal Aftermarket exhaust How to open up the stock exhaust Cutting off the stock mufflers Attaching new mufflers to the stock headpipes Exhaust systems and performance (back pressure?

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The 1977 model came in Candy Sword Blue or Candy Presto Red.

A wide gold tank stripe was added and the side covers were painted black.

XS650 shop manuals Reducing weight on an XS650: "weight reduction ?

" A collection of XSJohn's mods Polishing Made Easy Getting new keys made and information on re-keying a lock How-To: Polish your valve covers Insurance for tools?

" XS650 electric start system (starter) Technical information on on LED lights "LED" Headlights: "Best Headlight Anyone? Charging System: Nylon Screws A look inside the TCI: "TCI forensics" (igniter/ignition box) How-To: Diagnose charging system problems (charging system guide) Explanation of the electrical systems on the XS650 Points timing basics PAMCO Ignition - Wiring diagrams, FAQ, Tips, Troubleshooting, etc.

XS650 frame dimensions, drawings XS650 swingarm brace dimensions XS650 hardtails How-To: Install tapered roller bearings in the neck Sidecar 101 How-To: Rebuild/rejuvenate early model 70-71 instruments How-To: Remove glass from gauges How to: Make a brat style flat seat on the cheap Hot to: Recover seat "Installing a new seat cover" Lowering front forks How-To: Rebuild XS650 forks / install lowering kit Suspension references XS650 front end shake Fork oil fork oil change?

The CB550 K3 came in Candy Garnet Brown and Excel Black.

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