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These events are free and open to the public., the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address and the Dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetery, was formally designated as Dedication Day, by a joint resolution of the U.

Many reenactments aren't even done for the public, but instead for us, the reenactors. Our actions are usually just us trying to live in that time period.

If you like history, you'll probably like reenacting—one thing to remember though, you WILL feel what it was like. How the gear was carried; what was comfortable and what wasn't.

So anyway, the link for the Forums is right above -- click it and sign up.

And yeah, YOU yourself need to post too, for there to be stuff there to read -- reenacting, it ain't just another arm-chair hobby! Check out the NEW additions to the site page We try to post the additions along with the date so you can figure out what's new.

(okay, so sometimes (often) we don't get around to updating this page as much as we need to...

hope to work on that in the future...) To help you find upcoming events, we also have a calendar section which is Yep! Jenny has been writing this book for many years and has finally finished it.

There he delivered the Gettysburg Address, which eloquently honored those who fought and died at Gettysburg and continues to be one of the most revered speeches in American history.

The event allows Gettysburg residents and visitors to commemorate the sacrifices made during and after the battle. This annual event features a wreath laying, keynote speaker and is sponsored by the Lincoln Fellowship of PA, Gettysburg National Military Park, Gettysburg College, and the Gettysburg Foundation.

Nowadays, we have the server handled, but find that we once again need to pay a programmer to help keep r. There is very little there yet, but there will be soon.

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