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Therefore if you ever make the mistake of buying her 22 roses because that’s her age, she might get offended because 22 is an even number, designated for the dead ones.

Pay attention and always offer her an odd number of flowers.

Romanian women are easily getting stressed when their foreign boyfriend doesn’t arrive in time for dinner.

Cure her bad energy curse with a short Romanian prayer which she will teach you.

Using an axe is something that most of the European people know how to do.

In ancient times the Greeks traded in the area, but it was the arrival of the Romans in 101 BC that really left a mark.

The reason that this matters to a guy pursuing Romanian brides 2000 years later is that, because of the Roman influence, Romanians use the Latin alphabet and speak a language more like French or Spanish rather than Russian.

And if you do lose your wallet, don’t tell her about this, she will feel really bad for that.

In Romania there is a so-called curse made by an old woman to hurt a young and beautiful one.

Romanian women are constantly courted by very attractive and well-dressed men because generally, their culture highly values the appearance of a man or of a woman in matters of wardrobe and hairstyle.

Usually, a young Romanian woman lives with her parents.

If you buy her flowers she feels feminine and cherished.

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