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From birthdays and anniversaries to scandals and controversies, every day this column celebrates the soap opera in American culture.

On this date in...1934: Musical radio soap opera Dreams Come True premiered on the NBC Red network.

She is asking the judge to block his right to be awarded spousal support.

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Brooke was so smitten with Ridge that she broke off her engagement to David, a police officer, because even her brother knew she would never be happy on a cop's pay.

Hiding a letter Ridge wrote to Caroline spilling his heart to her and telling her he loved her, Brooke conspired with Thorne to keep Ridge and Caroline apart.

Brooke has a daughter -- miraculously -- who is sweet and a virgin.

She is just a darling; and Taylor has a daughter who is trouble.

This re-ignited both Taylor and Brooke's rivalry and began a new generation rivalry.

Bradley Bell stated on this: "is exciting to see Brooke and Taylor in the more maternal roles.

Brooke was later tricked by the Forrester family into traveling to Paris to keep away from the happily married Taylor and Ridge (who had since had twins, Steffy and Phoebe).

After she came back, Brooke had an affair with her daughter Bridget's husband, Deacon Sharpe.

The character is part of the original four central characters and actors (including her onscreen double-decade long love and husband, Ridge Forrester, and his parents Stephanie Forrester and Eric Forrester). Her character is described as having "emerged as the show's quintessential heroine, always in turmoil and forever symbolic of true love and destiny prevailing." The world-wide success of The Bold and the Beautiful has meant world-wide controversy among fans for this most controversial of characters. She also said "I think she has a real grasp of things, even though she still doesn't have her love life under control but, hopefully, that will come together too," and at the end of the way she wants her character to be "Happy".

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