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In the distant future, a police marshal stationed at a remote mining colony on the Jupiter moon of Io uncovers a drug-smuggling conspiracy, and gets no help from the populace when he later finds himself marked for murder. Robert Neville is the only survivor of an apocalyptic war waged with biological weapons.

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The plague has caused them to become sensitive to light, as well as homicidally psychotic.

They believe science and technology to be the cause of the war and their punishment, and Neville, as the last symbol of science, the old world, and a "user of the wheel", must die.

Robert Neville (Heston) is the lone survivor of a germ war that turned the population of the world into freaks.

Based on the amazingly brilliant book "I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson, the film shares most of the qualities of the book, yet excludes the portions that make "Legend" fantastic. I used to fantasize about being Neville as a child (probably not the healthiest thing for a kid).

Neville, using electricity, machinery, and science attempts to hold them at bay.

A film that can't help but aim too high, "The Omega Man" suffers from the very thing that makes it great.

But the lesser parts can be enjoyed as early 70's camp.

Even with its faults, "The Omega Man" is a great Sci-fi movie.

It is a film that myself and my friends talk about to this day despite the fact that most of my friends only saw it once or twice (when forced by me).

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