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We do this to support the great work that Grace Kelly Ladybird Trust are already doing and in the hope that other families will have some light to aim for and a chance of a future free from cancer.Test Con Moscow 2018 is the leading event primarily aimed at Software Testers and Test Analysts, QA Engineers, Developers and anyone willing to learn best practices and make their contribution to the smoother software development cycle and quality.Our beautiful son took his last breath in our arms, in a hospital room surrounded by love, in the same way he had come into the world just eight short months before.

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I will forever cherish every kiss, every cuddle and every minute of his short life.

I will remember how he would look up at us, his eyes filled with love, holding your gaze for as long as you would let him.

Every day brings its own challenges but we are determined to remember Ru in all that we do and to give his sister the best possible childhood.

Our hope is that in setting up this fund in Ru’s name we will help other families like us who get thrown into a battle with a rare paediatric cancer.

The tumour was stabilised with chemotherapy but our consultant believed that the deterioration in Ru’s lungs was a clear sign of disease progression.

His breathing was getting much more laboured and he was needing more and more oxygen to keep his lungs inflated.

Already in his short cancer journey we had heard the words ‘this operation is extremely high-risk, we have only had 25 of this type in the history of GOSH’.

The biopsy stage is usually relatively straightforward, but because of the location and size of Ru’s tumour the intubation and biopsy were going to bring their own set of problems.

Ruan was a complete gift to us and his future should have been laid out in front of him for him to explore and for us to enjoy.

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