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They even have queer You Tubers and vloggers like Ingrid Nilsen, Hannah Hart and Troye Sivan, to clarify things further.

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Incorporating Jeremy into that storyline landed in a way for us that now they’re bound together by blood.

They are more attached to each other than they’ve ever been.

I’d like to think, though, that I appreciated their beauty because it was so different and refused to be forced into societal binaries.

– Roz Bellamy is a Melbourne-based writer, editor and teacher.

In addition to criticism about the number of storylines and many character twists, the Lifetime drama's second season was criticized for an episode about a police shooting that some argued only served to further the story of the show's white female protagonist.

The lukewarm reaction to season two, and the decision to wrap up several main storylines in the finale, elicits questions about just what season three will look like..

I don’t think most of society have fully analysed their own gender identities enough to make sense of their sexual identities.

When I came out as bisexual last year, more than a decade after I came out as a lesbian, I felt relief.

As a teenager in the ‘90s, there wasn’t much choice of queer celebrities to crush on.

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