Russian dating service reviews

During both membership tenures, I was contacted by Support over two women who had been suspended from the site due to suspected activities that breached the rules.So you can be assured that they *DO* indeed work for the safety of the members both men and women.I like the EOI option (Expression Of Interest) as it allows you and any lady who might be interested in you to "break the ice".

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We do not co-operate with any agencies for obtaining members or profiles or require any work to be outsourced.

The only way such things can occur as suggested by Nas is if you contract agents to supply profiles to your website for a Fee, thus they then use those profiles to get a share(commission ) from pay per letter communication.

I was a member of this site not for long and I delete myself because man there was weird and all what was interesting for them is my phone number.

After I deleted I find out site was chatting with a lot of men against me!

We always advise caution when doing this and provide advice how to protect your information. Sharing of personal contact information with each other is the number one reason most people join Elena’s Models.

They have the right to decide and not be controlled by pay per letter (PPL) dating sites who will never allow such feature. We suggest to all readers to google “Pay Per Letter dating or PPL dating, the results and information will scare you. No one can obtain your information unless you allow it on our website.

I have travelled to Ukraine five times now and met two ladies.

I am 60 years old and met the first lady who was 46, during my first membership term.

This can be confusing because a rate of 65% actually does not mean that her reply rate is high at all.

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