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There are several ways to transfer data from one phone to another.

The cards can be switched, the data can be transferred between cards using the phone itself, or the data can be transferred between cards using a computer and a SIM card reader.

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Actually, there are several ways to transfer information between phones, because cell phones have detachable brains.

Here is a quick overview of the cell phone brain, or SIM card, and how to transfer information from one card to another.

To get around this limitation, it is necessary to either buy an unlocked phone or to ask the carrier to unlock the phone, which many carriers do for customers in good standing.

An additional hurdle is that not all SIM cards are the same size.

Octoplus is a groundbreaking phone servicing solution, which is supports nearly 1500 Samsung phone models!

* Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported.

Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions.

All things eventually come to an end, including cell phones.

This is an ideal option for an international traveler, because country-specific SIM cards with call and text capabilities or an international SIM pack can be purchased at a lower cost than the international roaming charges usually charged by network plans.

Users can also sign up for contracts, which often allow for more coverage and other special features.

Mini and micro SIM cards are sold within credit-card sized squares of plastic and the user pops the SIM card out by breaking the plastic along perforated lines.

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