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The winner had their art made into an official print sold internationally at the Tomb Raider store, and received cash and other prizes.Other winners also received cash and Deviant Art-related prizes.All geo IPs in the country have been blocked from entering the site, under the justification of USA sanctions over Syria.

The reporting system in which to counteract copyright infringement directly on the site has been subject to a multitude of criticism from members of the site, given that it may take weeks, or even a month before a filed complaint for copyright infringement is answered.

Due to the nature of Deviant Art as an art community with worldwide reach, companies use Deviant Art to promote themselves and create more advertising through contests.

Cool Climate is a research network connected with the University of California, and they held a contest in 2012 to address the impact of climate change.

Worldwide submissions were received, and the winner was featured in The Huffington Post.

Deviant Art has been revising the website in "versions", with each version releasing multiple new features.

The third, fourth and fifth versions of the site were all released on August 7, the "birthday" of the website's founding.

Journals are like personal blogs for the member pages, and the choice of topic is up to each member; some use it to talk about their personal or art-related lives, others use it to spread awareness or marshal support for a cause.

The watcher notifications are gathered in a member's Message Center with other notices, like when other users comment on that member’s deviations, or when the member's image has been put in someone's favorites.

Artworks are organized in a category structure, including photography, digital art, traditional art, literature, Flash, filmmaking, skins for applications, operating system customization utilities and others, along with downloadable resources such as tutorials and stock photography.

Additional features include "journals", "polls", "groups" and "portfolios". is headquartered in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, California, United States.

Users can also obtain Premium Prints Account offering 50% of the profits and an immediate check of material submitted for sales.

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