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The Harmony app is vastly different than existing AI apps, and can connect with you in ways you may not expect. We already spent many years building the basic personality for our AI system, and it will continue to evolve over the time Yes.

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If you already have a Real Doll, you can place the head adapter onto your dolls skull, and talk to her through the Harmony app installed on your smartphone. We are working on several different sensors and sensor equipped inserts to increase the ways that the AI can react to the user.

There will be touch sensors, accelerometers, internal heaters and even Teledildonics, which is a technology which can be used to remotely control sex toys.

It's our current project, a robotic head to be used as a stand-alone product or attached to a Real Doll silicone body.

It will have animated facial expressions and animated eyes that will move and blink, along with a mouth that lip syncs while speaking, all housed within a head that tilts and rotates.

We hope to start sending out Realbotix heads [time frame].

Looking further into the future, we're working on VR software which will give users more options for interacting with the head and the AI personality developed in the Harmony App.Realbotix is a project dedicated to integrating cutting edge emerging technologies with silicone doll artistry to provide a bridge between technology and humankind on emotional, mental, and physical levels.We're working to create the next generation of the well-known anatomically correct Real Dolls, which we intend to blend with Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, touch sensors, internal heaters, virtual and augmented reality interfaces.Ultimately, we're aiming for a fully functional amorous companion.The Realdoll itself started as a concept for a hyper realistic posable mannequin.We're working on even more exciting accessories, such as embedded touch sensors, eye cameras, and self-regulating internal heaters.

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