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Bestselling author Susan Donovan had a successful career, great kids, health, and a lovely little house -- until she got bitch-slapped by a rare infection that should have killed her. The Hottie came to visit several times in the early stages of my illness, though I was unconscious.

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I reminded him that I could learn to walk again and do all the physical therapy in the world but my leg would never grow back. He called and said he wanted to visit and insisted we go out to dinner, even though I had to hop around with my walker, which was embarrassing.

(Later, I would realize this hadn’t been about doing something special for me.

He came into my life after I’d been divorced nearly six years. During one hospital visit, the Hottie climbed into the hospital bed with me and managed to reach around all the IV lines and probes and sensors to get his arms around my diseased body. As soon as I was able to put a coherent sentence together, I told him that I’d understand if he was no longer interested in me. Every visit he would pray with me and read Bible verses for encouragement.

During that time I’d had only one relationship and it had drawn its last wheezy breath almost a year prior. By “mixed” I mean that one percent were nice men; two-thirds were pathological liars; and the balance collected taxidermy knives and dwelled in the crawl space beneath their mothers’ porches. After all, he hadn’t signed up for a one-legged, pacemaker-wearing chick who hadn’t showered in recent memory. Since he happened to be a huge nerd as well, he would recite lines of As my hospital stay dragged on, the Hottie called and texted sporadically, but his visits became infrequent.

They also felt some areas of their sexual lives had improved somewhat following LLA as the problems associated with the amputation (such as chemotherapy, pain or infection) had hampered intimacy previously. This was mostly in relation to what participants described as the ‘technical’ part of sex – things like positions and balance that they had to rethink.

The aspect of the paper I found most interesting was how qualitative discussions from the participants revealed a more varied, positive and practical reaction to the LLA than an additional activity required by the research, where they scored their sex lives from zero to ten.It had nothing to do with my amputation, he assured me, and promised we would be friends for life. It was about the loss and pain and horror I’d already been through and everything that would be required of me in the future – without a man who loved me at my side.As of this writing, I haven’t heard a peep from him. Despite what Yoda said, I can’t help but think my crude matter has something to do with it.All this happened a long time ago, and I rarely think of the Hottie nowadays.I didn’t know it then, but I had other love lessons ahead of me, and I couldn’t get to them until the Hottie was a distant memory. But once upon a time, I really had felt smart and pretty. I was ok with all of it because, hey, I had a busy life, too, and besides – I was already g-o-n-e, gone.

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