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The Civil Rights Division filed suit against the county to obtain their release as well, but to no avail.

Passage of national civil rights legislation by Congress in 19 began to change the ground rules.

In the period from 1877 to 1950, Leflore County had 48 documented lynchings of African Americans, by far the highest number in the state.

Most occurred around the turn of the 20th century, as part of white imposition of Jim Crow conditions and suppression of black voting.

By the time they reached Greenwood, several hundred persons were in the group, they worked to organize and register voters, as most blacks in the county still lived in fear and had not registered.

After previous registration drives, the white county board had cut off federal commodity subsidies to the black community, threatening the survival of numerous poor families.Blacks had been essentially disfranchised since implementation of Mississippi's new constitution in 1890, establishing poll taxes, literacy tests and other registration barriers.Meanwhile, 95% of eligible white voters were registered.The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee had moved its headquarters to Greenwood in early 1963, and by late March of that year, eight SNCC members were arrested while trying to register voters.The United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division filed suit against the city of Greenwood and Leflore County to obtain their release.Organizers and marchers returned to the county in 1966 as part of the March Against Fear, initiated by James Meredith, who was shot and wounded by a white man two days into the march.

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