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So [during this process], the planet differentiated into its molten metal core and outer-lying mantle." Source: a contender for the "Idiot Gene" thread......

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I really didn’t want to go along, but I didn’t have my wallet on me, or my handphone, or my IC. At the police station, they then asked us for RM500 so that we could settle the issue right there and walk away. ” But then the officers all started threatening him again, telling him he couldn’t go back to Sydney, that they could do things to withhold his visa to re-enter Australia.

I said, “We are not paying you RM500.” But then my ex-boyfriend agreed to pay. That’s when they asked me for my home address, and I said, “No bloody way.” My ex-boyfriend then decided to call his friend to borrow the money. In the end, my ex-boyfriend caved in and called his friend. Yes, it took about 20 minutes for his friend to come to the station. ” Then my ex-boyfriend had to go to the bathroom and they started harassing me instead. Then my ex-boyfriend returned from the bathroom and everyone was quiet for a while. Then his friend arrived with the money, and he paid them off.

Source: PM ID: 84763 Permalink 81-Year-Old Woman Caught Driving at 164 km/h, Claims the Dog Made Her Do It Australia: 81-year-old Judith Slade is likely to be charged with a variety of charges after she was caught driving at 164 km/h by police.

Slade claims her Jack Russell terrier jumped on her lap, making her push the accelerator.

Nabila Nasir: Back then I was dating a Chinese [Malaysian] guy, who was studying in Sydney and came back during his break.

He came over to my house one weekday, in Subang, to watch a movie on DVD.

She also believes that telling ´dumb blonde´ jokes should be a crime that carries a harsh punishment.

"Anyone like that needs to be put in prison," she said.

The woman slipped while removing fermented produce from the vat.

According to media reports the owner of the Akansha Food Products unit has been arrested by police.

While waiting for his friend, the officers started harassing my ex-boyfriend. They said, “Oh, your boyfriend is lucky to have a girlfriend with big breasts.” And then they said, “There’s no more shame in this world when Malay [Malaysian] girls can stoop to dating Chinese [Malaysian] men.” And then they asked me, “Is Chinese penis really that good? I glared at the religious enforcer and said, “Yes, it’s delicious and I love it! They didn’t give us a receipt or anything, and told us we were free to go.

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