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Take for a while Take for another year, sa Take for granted Take for granted, when small, bird must soar Take for one's own Take for one's own use Take for ___Take for ___ (flimflam)Take for ___ (hoodwink)Take forcefully Take forcibly Take forcibly, old-style Take from Take from a book, say Take from person? Thelma Thelma of "The Maltese Fa Them Them there Them's fighting words Them's the breaks Them, essentially Them, in "Them! Par Theoclymenus and others Theocratic state Theocritus work Theodemocratic state Theodor Escherich's disco Theodor Herzl, for one Theodor ___ (Dr. Take food Take for a ride Take for a spin Take for a spin? Their virtues "have not y Their word is law Their words are divine Their work goes down the Their work stinks Their, in Munich Theist's subj.T-shirt sizes, in short T-shirt specification T-shirt style T-shirt? Takes the starch out of Takes the top (off)Takes the wrong way Takes the wrong way? They may hold money for p They may hold the lead They may hold your arms They may include calendar They may interrupt meetin They may involve dukes They may keep the show go They may keep you up They may land in America with drummers: one gets laid first They may leave a stain They may make great comeb They may make you cry They may make you feel 18They may need coloring at They may need guards They may need to dry out They may offer rides They may offer rubdowns They may pass on what they know They may pick up a few po They may play first They may pop up nowadays They may pound the paveme They may prevent passage They may provide highligh They may provide relief They may pull banners They may put out feelers They may put you to sleep They may raise a big stin They may raise some peopl They may reach a bit They may report to C. They may take an interest in banking They may take turns for t They may take you in at n They may work for both si They mean nothing They measure the tonnage They meet in the middle They might atone They might backfire They might be a pain in t They might be bounced off They might be chained They might be checkered They might be chocolate They might be crossed They might be fine They might be full of bal They might be in docks They might be in parenthe They might be in stitches They might be knee-jerk r They might be loaded They might be near I. Louis i They must be satisfied They name the seasons They navigated by a star They need a good whipping They need bottle openers They need reeds They need their bearings They need to be chewed They need to be in order They never meet They never need to be ren They no longer boom They obstruct retired NHS doctor, wasting time They occupy 30% of the ea They occur when things ar They offer hot links They offer lots of food t They offer rates for auto They offer trips and the ultimate in luxurious hotel accommodation They often accompany ejec They often accompany logo They often begin with "To They often begin with col They often brown-bag it They often come in packs They often come in threes They often come in twos They often come with vest They often cross They often differ They often don't speak to They often end with puns They often fill out sched They often fly out during They often get dressed They often get incorporat They often get plastered They often get rings: Abb They often go out on a li They often hang around de They often hang around sp They often have four part They often have pistol gr They often have seconds They often have titles They often hit the ground They often include sample They often involve drawin They often itemize They often make a splash They often mean "I see"They often need polishing They often run deep They often start "Here"They often start with "No They often take a beating They often take people in They often want to settle They only scrape the surf They open Windows They outrank kings They parallel radii They pass round writing accessories after writer's departed They pass through tubes They pay for quarters They perform a balancing They play big parts in children's tales They play in front of QBs They played Ricky Nelson They point the way They pop on planes They practice girth contr They praise drifting ocean mists They precede automnes They precede kicks, for s They precede kisses They precede many lists They precede opening nigh They probably don't think They produce a row on the They produce chips off th They produce lemons and c They produce pictures, as in pilot broadcast They prosecute perps They protect banks They protect car buyers They protect special openings They provide contours They provide excellent se They provide gear mother, heading for kitchen, used to fill sideboards They provide prayer suppo They provided new items here and original Christmas gifts They publish online, giving scroungers nothing for article They put half the world d They put off novel narrators with gruesome topics They put on an act They put on shows They put out high-frequen They put the frosting on They put up They race across France, starving, beaten on top of the Tourmalet They raise crops They rarely see the light They really get steamed They really ought to be k They receive an unfinished banknote outside front of ATMThey receive blessings They reckon a conservative exploits nurses They refuse to adapt and ours is changing They register on register They remove letters They repeat whatever you They replaced C rations They replaced francs, mar They report to lt. They'd help in fast races at sea They'd like to take thing They'll appear in tomorro They'll bray for you They'll do for now They'll get you biting re They'll get you down They'll get you in hot wa They'll give you a lift They'll give you the run-They'll knock you out They'll lay out actions beside logic, primarily They'll make a play for y They'll never fly They'll never get off the They'll oppose candidates other than mine They'll sell you a porky scratching - it's first on bar back They'll show you the neig They'll show you the worl They'll take care of ever They'll try to seize article within bikers' grasp They're a laugh a minute They're a pain They're above the abs They're accommodating They're accustomed to pit They're added in some inf They're adjacent to jibs They're affected by the i They're against each othe They're against getting involved in important issues They're akin to khans They're all abuzz They're all ears They're all for it They're all good They're all in the family They're all talk They're all the same They're always charged They're always looking fo They're always made at ho They're always thin They're always tired They're always unaccompan They're always underfoot They're applied to some b They're apt to get into h They're associated with l They're at ease performing sung role They're attractive, but n They're back on board They're bad on records They're baited in rings They're basic They're behind some actio They're below some chests They're beside sides They're better than F.

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Takeover Takeover actions Takeover artist Taker of a religious vow Taker of vows Takes Takes (an offer)Takes a bough? They increase the power of current measures They inspire passing thou They inspired Andy Warhol They intersect in Montr They intersect intersecti They involve light liftin They just say no They just scrape the surf They just won't fly They keep "Q" from "U"They keep airliners aloft They keep control of thei They keep people off beac They keep their eyes on t They keep track of pins They keep you from passin They keep you going They kick out online winners?

Take-charge kind of guy Take-home Take-home amount Take-home for Bowser Take-home pay Take-home? Takeoff point for many a Takeoff site Takeoff spot for many a t Takeoff stat: Abbr. Takeoffs Takeout Takeout alternative Takeout choice Takeout lunch provider Takeout option Takeout sign? They have plots They have precincts: Abbr They have property lines They have pseudopods They have pull They have quarters in Las They have rates and ratin They have reservations ab They have retractable hea They have rights They have scales They have scales and keys They have seats They have sharp tongues They have shells They have short legs and They have shoulder straps They have shoulders They have six faces They have soles They have springs They have stages of race on street, cycling around They have strings attache They have strong ties: Ab They have substantial bil They have suns and red, w They have supporting role They have sweeping respon They have swelled heads They have the best seats They have the same atomic number They have their ears clos They have their limits They have their own lines They have their pluses an They have their pride They have their reservati They have their ups and d They have tight headbands They have titles They have to listen They have to make cuts in this business They have tops and bottom They have torches on thei They have tubes attached They have upturned noses They have whiplike tails They have Xings They haven't any definite They heat up your food They help avoid sticking They help catch criminals They help digest food They help gamblers and prostitutes missing out having a flutter They help in the classroo They help maintain balanc They help mountaineers no end, climbing on top of Snowdon They help move calves They help pick up each run with dribbles They help some do business course - learner filling in exams They help those wishing to take cover They help with dating They help you get a grip They help you get a leg u They help you make your g They hold at least two cu They hold cones They hold hymnals They hold on to things They hold services in the They hold their horses They hold water They hold your horses They hope to pass morning in Spain surrounded by old lovers They hurt to touch They illuminate imaginative leaps not initially displayed They improve definition of small muscles They improve the quality They include amaretto and They include envy, with idle sadness in some versions They include the viaticum They include the wee hrs.

Take to the limit Take to the skies Take to the sky Take to the slopes Take to the soapbox Take to the stump Take to the trail Take to Vegas, maybe Take to water, about to abandon attempt to take in air Take to ___ (reprimand)Take too far Take too long Take too much of, briefly Take too much off boxwood sculpted harness piece Take top off? They had adjustable noses They had C-shaped sound h They had Machmeters, brie They hang about in the cold They hang around They hang around and rile others, hard to ignore unfortunately They hang around in the t They hang from the neck of special friend, married on the rebound They hang from the roof They hang together They happen to be special occasions They harass the insane They have a central meeti They have a glow about th They have a lot of pull They have a pressing need They have a roof above th They have a strong attrac They have all the answers They have bar signs They have big bells They have big bills They have bishops They have black eyes They have boughs for bows They have bows They have certain rings t They have chocolate relat They have connections They have crowns They have duel purposes They have edible shells They have extensions They have family units They have feet and stems They have five sects.

Take to the cleaners Take to the dump Take to the hills? They give support thus, when they're eaten by 24s They give women a lift They give you control They give you fits They give you the treatme They go around on reserva They go around the block: They go back and forth in They go back and forth to They go before many impor They go below signatures, They go by the wayside They go for the gold They go from bank to bank to stay business They go from station to s They go in and out They go into drives They go into overtime They go on and on They go on for miles They go over your part They go overboard They go places They go to court to protect workers They go to market They go to waist They go under water, coming back glossy They go up and down They go up when it comes They go well with plaids They go with the floe They go with the flow They go with uppers They got back on the road They got Gotti They greet each other by They grow fat on the farm They grow when fertilized They guide the coach's team after taking number one with pride They guide vehicle in street while reversing?

Take it off, take it all Take it on the lam Take it on the ___ (flee)Take it or leave it! Therapy fad Therapy for uptight Yankee sibling Therapy subject There are 12 in a year There are 2.2 in a kg. There are 50 in a keg of There are 745.7 of them i There are 746 in a single There are 843 of these in There are a lot in a lot There are about 28.35 of There are eagles in it: AThere are eight in a cup There are eight of these There are five in a shill There are five per foot There are four hidden in There are lots of these f There are more of these t There are no plans for th There are seven in a sema There are six of these in There are three in a tbs.

Take home, after taxes Take huge risks with head of army following serpent queen Take illegally Take immediate steps Take in Take in (food)Take in a bank somewhere in Germany Take in again Take in American in Spielberg film Take in duke initially Take in lustre in object regarded as sacred Take in or let out Take in or on Take in or out Take in slowly Take in strange oxygen-depleted moonscapes Take in tentatively Take in the mail Take in, as a stray cat Take in, as guests Take in, e.g. Take into a flying saucer Take into account son cried when upset Take into custody Take issue Take it as a sign Take it away from work Take it easy Take it easy, slangily Take it from the top? Theories Theorise Theorized Theorized result of comet Theory Theory of long-term corrective balances Theory of the universe, o Theory related to eugenic Theory suffix Theory to explain seafloo Theory's start Thera Flu alternative Therapeutic center, for s Therapeutic index data Therapeutic kind of bath Therapeutic plant Therapeutic treatment, ma Therapist Therapist's comment Therapist's remark Therapist's reply Therapist's response Therapists' org.

Take off pants, say, to gather information Take off quickly Take off some weight Take off something worn in warm weather — not initially Take off the board Take off the books Take off the rolls Take off the steamer Take off the stock exchan Take off the top Take off, as a brooch Take offense Take offense at Take on Take on a party? There may be a catch in i There may be a gap betwee There may be great intere There may be many in a fa There may be money in it There might be one for de There until the bitter en There was much of this in There you are There you are, dropping round an instrument There you go! These French, on a roll, find no place to swim These get the biggest che These have many extras These help with numbers from half-hearted band on islands These in stock?

Take it, if you hope to stay dry Take last couple of bits of rich cottage cheese Take leaders from newsman in Classic knees-up Take legal action against Take lightly Take longer than expected Take longer than expected with regard to marathon, say Take many courses Take marks off Take me abroad to capture river mammal Take measures Take more than one's share Take most of Take no action regarding Take no notice of Take no part Take no refusal Take no risks Take no thanks, upset about following commotion Take note of Take nothing in Take notice Take notice of Take oblique look round cool street in city Take off Take off a penny in change Take off and settle round pole Take off and tear round island - that should get you going Take off in a hurry Take off like a rocket Take off on Take off one's coat? The "magic word"The "me" in "nothing can The "mode" of "The "N" in "N x P"The "N" in NCOThe "N" of U. There are two in a loaf There are two per hundred There can be a ring in it There from birth There from the start There hasn't been one sin There is a "super" one ev There is, in France There it is! These are ferocious rows over a piece of gossip These break the silence o These can be citric These can be found in poc These can be winning or l These changes in the country of France, they show what's due to the workers These changes right for Bible book These FBI oddly exchanged with us?

Take out membership Take out of active service Take out of the freezer Take out of the game Take out old religious pamphlet Take out or in Take out or put in, e.g. Theresa is repeating bid to sort out national problem Theresa really does hold ground Therewithal Thermally protect Thermionic tube part Thermometer developer Cel Thermometer fill: Abbr. These people in set, facing rogue, avenged These yield gum arabic These, in Madrid These, in Oise These, in Thiers These, in Toledo These, in Tours These, on Ibiza These, overseas These, to Jorge These, to Juan These, to Julio These, to Tom These: Fr. Theseus abandoned her Theseus' land Thesis basis Thesis defender's prize, Thesis defense, often Thesis defenses Thesis intro?

Parliament’s gutted Take on gingerly Take on loan Take on tea in a bag, paying in instalments Take on, as an employee Take on, as employees Take on, in dialect Take one more shot at Take one OK game to subdue court favourite Take one's cuts Take orders Take orders after extended rest and stay hidden ahead? Take orders, in a way Take out Take out china after priest comes round at home Take out for the shelves, Take out for ___Take out for ___ (test-dr Take out lines? The "L" of XXLThe "Little Ol' Band From The "M" in MSGThe "M" in Y. There’s tons in cigars that’s bad for the stomach There's a cat for every Welsh girl There's a holy one every There's a lack of variety, still There's a lot of interest There's a loud protest, as wife's stuck in middle of Ormskirk There's a national park n There's a point in this system There's confusion, with lawyer switching cutting tool There's explosive material in this celebrity's ordeal There's life in this bishop (knocked out before)There's little point to i There's little right in devil becoming a chum There's little right in fiddle creating dispute There's no There's no catch in it There's no changing it There's no danger one has lines understood There's no disputing it There's no end to it There's no end to them There's no foul play when There's no free ride on t There's no information, doctor admitted, on a sex hormone There's no sense in it There's no time for Morocco's mountains, unfortunately There's no turning back now There's no use in this There's no way past it, Hoskins is old-hat There's nothing risky with her new type of pudding There's one at home There's one at the end of There's one for dance There's one for every yea There's one in "puzzle"There's one on most coins There's one right and lef There's something precious in one set of twins There's sometimes no room There's virtually nowhere else to go for online entertainment There: Lat. Thereby contributes to sponsorships of actors Therefore Therefore: Fr. Sees at ground These may be clear-cut These may be coddled These may be fine These may be picked These may get a welcome s These might cover fires These might play into the These might secure lock at back: not keys to house These needing stir?

Take steps Take steps in a court Take stock of Take stock? They can go into the grai They can go overboard They can go to blazes They can help you carry a They can help you get sta They can hold water They can make a strong pe They can make a suer suff They can make neat TV sisters They can make people brea They can make waves They can melt hearts They can put you up They can repel bugs They can rock the boat They can sleep while you They can swing They can take a yoke They can take the pressur They can't be caught indo They can't bear young European students grouped round church They can't get any better They can't take the press They cant They carry a charge They carry on They cater for a private reception They cause bad luck They cause blowups They cause breakdowns They cause jolts to bolts They cause lost bonuses They cause your eyes to c They change people's prof They chase "bunnies"They chase flies They claim 'Degree scale in error', involving tirade They clean locks They clean tables when last of breakfast is removed They clear the way They click They click on the dance f They cling They close at night They collect scraps of some early jazz pieces They come after quarters They come and go They come from Mars They come in a pack They come in a Triple Dou They come in bars: Abbr.

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