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1 _• i Just before releasing Tne_ • pj ytng Suit And The Butterfly, • 1 Mr BAuhy, aged 44, tob taken 1 from his hospital at Berck-stir- Mer, northern France^ to an- other at Garches; He died of respiratoryfailure- ■ ' # But friends said he wds fully aware ofthd sticce SB of his extra- ordinary account of Lbcked-m Syndrome, a condition brought on by a stroke in December 1095.

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The Triple Crown is still available | to Eiigiand when they play Wales in Cardiff in next week but it is bound to feel more like a hollow crown after the most dramatic turnaround in the Five Nations Championship during me nineties.

In the pnst 21 months Fiance t have defeated England three times 1 m succession, underlining their a lhird ~ bes L sitle ‘he 1995 World Cup, a position achieved c sf^y wmm mm?

(,51 6 Extract money from prisons at tea-lime?

(4.4) 7 Spanish philosopher, no less, dark and Irredeemably serious B Make elteralfans in unfinished clothes — extraordinary!

(ioj 10 Minister, very old, keeping me under wraps (4,9) I 13 See 4 1 4 Pike with head of shark con go through rock (10) 1 7 Familiarisation?

There's trouble ; on another point (8) 20 One going by train?

Even as the Vlore rebel leaders were signing a declaration saying they "undertook to favour the im- Thls 1 metre-high, 3 , 000 -year-old limestone statue ofa woman with four children, found in Egypt’s NUe Delta town of Zagarig. Mother mhb MM, ■ 4 300-year-old mass tomb unearned In the United Arab Emirates, was also disclosed photograph: B-woto AHn mediate handing back of weapons in the hands of the citizens of Vlore and to ensure public order and pro- gressively restore normal adminis- tration", protesters, emboldened by their apparently endless supply of looted arms- and ammunition, re- peated that Sail Berisha must resign as president.

In Tirana on Monday, the belea- guered president and his rightwing Democratic Party were engaged in furious horse trading with the oppo- sition after he agreed to form a gov- ernment of national reconciliation and hold fresh elections in June.

Mr Bauby, who had two chil- dren, was able to signal his ela- tion at the critical success of the first book to explain the Inner sensations of bring totally para- 1 Jysed. It is a strange thing that life, and particularly human life, is devalued, not so much by its wanton destruc- tion, though that is bad enough, as by its artificial creation; its being manufactured in a situation grot- esquely out of keeping with that in which organic beings have emerged on this planet.

It appear^ d^itiqed tobe- come-a minor Classic, both for the quality, of the wiping and the unique Insight Into a rare' con- dition. The Gdncourt prizewinner, Eric Oraenna, saidif T saliite the Work ‘more than the courage needed to write ft. December 1995, he had coind- Israel ponders Its Vietnam . Notliing could devalue life more than the fact that it can be stamped out to order, like a series of ball- bearings in a car factory.

Before half-time Phil de Gian vi He’s men played some of the moat sublime rugby seen at Twick- enham.

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