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I asked her what she wanted and she said it was a fantasy of hers to have two men.I said I would be in town all weekend if she wanted to get together.We rolled her onto her stomach and she got on her hands and knees.

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He slid his big dick into her and she responded by sucking me like a wild woman.

We got into a rhythm and soon her bobbing up and down on my cock was too much and I exploded in her throat and then pulled out to give a couple streams of cum on her face and neck.

I introduced myself to her and told her about me while I asked her questions.

I was concerned that she was married and she informed me her husband has agreed to leave the house for the night so she could have uninhibited fun.

She was an attractive brunette in her 30’s with a fine body and face.

As luck would have it she was online and we IM’d her.I felt the stirrings of arousal move through my body as I tore my eyes from her then smiled as I saw beefcake run his hand up and down the length of his very proportional cock. A few months ago I was visiting a friend for the weekend.I bent down and began to lick that sweet pussy that was already wet.She moaned as I teased her clit for the first time.His wife was out-of-town and I drove up from Nashville to visit.

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