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Astin (1904–1984); and a panel of scientists from industry and academia.

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Albion, Central Falls, Cumberland, Lincoln, Manville, and Pawtucket The Blackstone Valley Advocacy Center has been providing services to victims of domestic violence in the Blackstone Valley area for over two decades.

It is their voices, their struggles, and their experiences which guide the work.

The committee′s work resulted in its recommendation that the Department of Commerce consolidate various scientific efforts scattered within and between the Weather Bureau, Coast and Geodetic Survey, and National Bureau of Standards by establishing a new parent agency – the Environmental Science Services Administration (ESSA) – which would coordinate the activities of the Weather Bureau and Coast and Geodetic Survey and bring at least some of their efforts, along with some of the work done in the National Bureau of Standards, together into new organizations that focused scientific and engineering mission support for shared areas of inquiry.

The new Administration will then provide a single national focus for our efforts to describe, understand, and predict the state of the oceans, the state of the lower and upper atmosphere, and the size and shape of the earth.

Various other headquarters staff elements also reported directly to the Administrator, including the U. ESSA's National Environmental Satellite Center worked jointly with NASA to develop weather satellite capabilities. These satellites, launched between 19 and known as TIROS 1 through 10, were the first generation of American weather satellites.

These early satellites carried low-resolution television and infrared cameras.Designed mainly to test the feasibility of weather satellites, TIROS proved to be extremely successful.Four were still operating when ESSA was established.Barrington, Warren, Bristol, Little Compton, Tiverton, Portsmouth, Middletown, Newport, and Jamestown The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) serves Newport and Bristol Counties by leading domestic violence prevention through the empowerment of individuals and the community.The agency was founded in 1977 to provide comprehensive domestic violence intervention and prevention services that educate, advocate for, and shelter any individual in need of assistance.The DVRCSC works collaboratively to offer safety, support, advocacy, education, and a network of services to the residents of Washington County.

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