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A friend of mine, who is not as fat as I am, mentioned wanting to have a baby with her GYN who automatically dismissed her and her husband's want and told her she shouldn't even consider becoming pregnant with first having lap band. Via her blog, podcast, and counseling programs, she helps women and men throughout the country to get off the dieting roller coaster, give their bodies what they really crave, and love their bodies and themselves.

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- Derelict Daughter11, New York MINEOLA Gabriel San Roman, Reproductive Endocrinologist 200 Old Country Rd Mineola, NY (516) 739-21 Nesconcet Highway, Blg. San Roman has never, ever mentioned my weight as an issue and I was 5'11" weighing over 300 pounds. I would highly recommend this practice as being fat friendly. I am now pregnant with my first child and decided to stay with Dr. Had I been a short mom or older mom he would have given me the appropriate speech. The scale in their office does not go very high but, whenever I come in for an appointment, I just weigh myself at home.

He is dedicated to me having a healthy baby, just like any of his other patients and when I began spotting in early pregnancy, he gave me the "this happens to 50% of women" speech instead of the "well you are fat speech". is a certified holistic health counselor and founder of Body Love Wellness, a wellness company that provides individual and group counseling from a Health At Every Size perspective.

Realizing the non-efficacy of dieting, he treated me with the same protocols he uses with all his other patients, and I am a super-sized BBW(!! D., Obstetrics & Gynecology Depew, Ny (A suburb of Buffalo, NY) (716) 656-2200 Dr.

) As a sidebar, he gave me a completely pain-free HSG. Todoro is the best OB out there, I had a lot of medical issues with my first son. My bp was constantly high, and I was sick all the time. P and thanks to the fast acting staff and doc, I was rushed into the hospital and my son was delivered safely. I'm a military spouse so sadly I had to move away from him, but for my second child I am actually considering flying back to NY just so he can deliver my next.

She's smart, very approachable, and not stuck in the traditional Cartesian medical model. HORSEHEADS Joyce Wasserman, Physical Therapy Horseheads, NY (near Ithaca) She has explicitly told me that resolving my joint pain is a matter of developing strength and tone in the right muscles, not a matter of changing my weight or size.

There are lots of docs much closer to my home, but being cared for by Dr. She is inside Clifton Springs Hospital, right next to the Spa. She practices a type of physical therapy (postural restoration) that tends to acknowledge and work with different body shapes and sizes, rather than try to force all bodies to conform to a shape/size as a prerequisite for treatment.

She listened to my description of the problem with compassion and did not question my statements regarding my eating/exercise habits or suggest a change in diet/exercise.

She ran a thorough medical history, checked my charts, ran extensive blood work, and determined 3 different potential hormonal causes of my weight gain.

My weight/size come up matter-of-factly as a factor when appropriate, *with no reference to weight loss.* There are wide chairs in the waiting room and some of the exam rooms, and the Xenical BMI chart has disappeared from her half of the office.

She is learning about Health at Every Size (HAES), and about energy/vibrational medicine.

It probably helps that I've been seeing her for several years, so she now has a chart that shows that my weight is stable and my blood pressure is consistently good.

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