Speed dating yorkshire

They fund programs all over the world that inspire people to go and stay vegan.

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Get in touch today and do something different with speed dating in Leeds!

The host daisy really made me feel at ease, everyone was so nice and ended up with 5 matches.

Events are held in elegant and stylish venues so you feel immediately at ease.

We hope you do and you make that decision to join me and all the other singletons waiting to meet you, by booking your first event and giving it a try.

We source plant based super foods that are super charged with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and create unique smoothie blends of these that target specific health benefits.

Yingu smoothies are easy to make, have no added sugar, versatile, come in powdered form so keep longer than raw food, and are healthy.

Fund Green Tea Artisan Green Tea Artisan specialises in green tea from different countries and regions of the world.

We offer loose leaf green tea and Matcha, focusing on taste and quality.

The Northern Vegan Festival is a partner festival to the Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival and is run by the same volunteers.

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