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The highway through Pulaski County holds particular appeal for modern-day travelers, with its blend of historic landmarks and natural preservation.

Scenic overlooks and rivers are interspersed with historic buildings.

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They reasoned the boulder could only have been put there by the devil.

Many landmarks of the once popular fishing & canoeing resort community still stand.

The Roubidoux Bridge crosses the Roubidoux Creek, a scenic tributary to the Gasconade River that was named after French explorer , fur trapper, and founder of St. The stream is still well known for its fishing, especially trout fishing.

The former Bell Hotel & Resort has been converted into a funeral home but is still easily recognizable from vintage postcards.

No other Highway in the history of the United States is as celebrated as Route 66.

It is a throwback to a simpler time, when the idea of extended traveling was still a novelty.

If you're traveling the 300 miles of the Mother Road that spans ten counties in Missouri, it means tearing a page out of history as you travel through quaint towns that provide glimpses to, and even memories of, a younger America.

The stretch of Route 66 that winds through Pulaski County is lush with brilliant scenery and breathtaking landscapes.

Victory Pub, established in 1942, was once a popular stop for the thirsty traveler.

Although the building is now just a memory many locals can tell tales of the tavern as if they were there yesterday.

Also called slab-rock, many of these giraffe-rock buildings can be seen in Pulaski County, including Piney Beach Cabins, near Hooker, and a mix of residential and commercial examples remain in Waynesville.) historical photos and facts contact Pulaski County Tourism Bureau at 877-858-8687 to receive your complimentary Route 66 Historic Auto Tours brochure.

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