Stop hanging out with girls and start dating

Here are a few things I’ve noticed that deepen intimacy and can, therefore, cross emotional boundaries: 1.Sharing things you don’t share with very many people (fears, struggles, past hurts, hopes, dreams, joys)– Guys, if you’re doing these things with a girl, don’t be surprised if she gets all heart eyes emoji over you.

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My ego wanted to think it was because I was such a great catch, almost irreplaceable in fact, but it wasn’t.

He found a great girl in a matter of weeks and they ended up very happy together.

Then later, as some times goes by, suddenly, you begin to notice all these fantastic qualities about them that you didn't know existed, and boom! You're looking for your friend to get ahead by looking out for his best interest. Some people are on their best behavior until they cross the threshold. But your true nature will surface when you're a person's friend first.

When you're true friends from the beginning, you don't have to pretend." I don't disagree with anything Cornish says, but why does she make it seem like honesty, kindness and respect are only inherent in friendships, not in romance?

They may be a completely trustworthy person, but until they’re committed to you, there are certain parts of you that they haven’t earned access to.

So ladies, if you find yourself sitting under a starry night sky with a handsome man who has a girlfriend, I don’t care how perfectly thought-out his questions are, keep it surface level!

Girls, if you’re doing these things with a guy, then don’t be surprised if he thinks you want to date him. You are probably really charming and attractive, and it’s making you irresistible.

But you’re probably also boyfriending him when he’s not your boyfriend, or leading her on when you don’t want her as a girlfriend, so stop.

Favorite color, candy bar, type of cheese- but that’s it.

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