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Employees of the local grocery in San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines manually removed the flood water out of the establishment using buckets.

Most of the islands in the region were flooded due to Typhoon Henry which has been battering the country over the last week with heavy rains.

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"We will do it via Turkey, because imagine what would happen if we sent gold to Switzerland and we are told that it has to stay there because of sanctions? United States issued several sets of sanctions against Venezuela for violating human rights and undermining democracy, including a blanket ban on U. citizens buying newly issued debt from Venezuela and its state-owned companies.

https:// Please catch this fantastic video of tigers in their natural habitat at Ranthambore National Park filmed by #Atanu Majindar.

A resident of Kottayam, Lijo Verghese, 28, said: "There is good demand for coconuts now.

Netting them is as lucrative as catching fish." "Seeing the rush to catch coconuts, a few enterprising businessmen are selling net baskets to catch them," he added.

Sunday night, surveillance cameras caught a driver crashing in the parking lot of Sonic on Aaron Aronov Drive.

Incredibly the man got out of his car, brushed himself off and walked away.

It can also reportedly skateboard, walk backwards and cycle (yes, cycle! A driver was forced to swim back to shore after he reversed his car into a reservoir in southeastern China.

The CCTV video, filmed in Shangrao City in Jiangxi Province on July 16, shows the car suddenly speeding backwards into a reservoir as the driver attempted to turn his vehicle around.

Ranthambore NP is easy to reach from Delhi and open October through June. Website: Suivez l'info Esport sur nous sur Facebook : FR Follow us on Facebook : COM Author: Millenium_TV Visited: 354972177 La chaine Millenium, les experts des jeux vidéo.

Ici vous pourrez voir en direct, des streams en direct des meilleurs joueurs et des meilleures parties de League of Legends !

The incident caused traffic delays, according to the filmer.

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