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They were led by the twin demons, the greatest of their number, the Black Angels.

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And so alone was he that he tore himself in two, that he might have company in his long exile, and together these twin parts of the same being wandered the still-forming earth.

In time, they were joined by a handful of the fallen who were weary of cowering in that bleak kingdom of their own creation.

A storm of filth and dirt emerged, sweeping through the mine, choking and blinding all in its path.

Those who survived spoke of voices in the abyss, and the beating of wings in the midst of the clouds.

Yet Ashmael never stopped seeking his brother, and in time he was joined in his search by those who shared his nature, and by men corrupted by his promises.

They marked themselves so that they might be known to one another, and their mark was a grapnel, a forked hook, for in the old lore this was the first weapon of the fallen angels.

It can secure a possession,but it cannot possess security.

It can mature in a convertible bond,but it cannot convert the self-serving to maturity.

They found a deep, dark place in which to sleep, and there they secreted themselves away and waited.

And after many years, mines were dug, and tunnels lit, and the deepest and greatest of these excavations was among the Bohemian silver mines at Kutna Hora, and it was called Kank.

Each half of this twin being bore the mark of God as a white mote in his eye, Ashmael in his right eye and Immael in his left.

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