Sweet dee is dating a retarded

Hopefully you only have to metaphorically salt the snail in your life. Charlie tries to defend himself by explaining all of the ways he makes her life run smoothly stating, “Do you have any idea what a mess your life would be if I wasn’t always helping you out?” In life you have to learn to appreciate the little things people help you out with, whether it’s taking out the dishwasher or stalking you from a distance. You have to give yourself a spaghetti day every once in a while Sometimes you get stuck in such a routine that you forget to enjoy the pears of your labor. You need to have a sidekick who can get you out of a jam. Jams can range from minuscule jams like wanting to watch a movie with someone, to large-scale jams like needing someone to bail you out of jail in Mexico.

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Sweet dee is dating a retarded

I’m talking about someone who makes retarded life choices.

You may fall for their suave looks, and somehow miss that you’re dating someone who can’t drive, lives with their parents, and is just genuinely an awful person.

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They're 'Seinfeld' characters on steroids, clowning their way through story lines that 'Seinfeld' writers wouldn't have touched.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia recently released a teaser for their upcoming 10th season, which will premiere in January. You won’t recognize the signs if you’re dating a retarded person.

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