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Tajikistan is an Islamic country, it pays to dress conservatively and to obey the usual precautions.

Many Tajik men have not had much contact with western females and there is a sense that some are unsure how to behave – as usual the mention of a husband is a good idea, even if fabricated.

If you are mugged, or worse, the police, some of whom are corrupt, may, or may not help you - low salaries, and inadequate training result in a lack of professionalism among the police (who are often more concerned with coercing bribes from drivers).

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Vladimir Bessonov to the Agency on statistics Within the framework of the Implementation of the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics Project, the visited was made by the International Expert, Ms.

The famous Norak hydropower plant built on the Vakhsh River is the largest hydropower plant in Central Asia #Tajikistan #tourism #hydropowerplant #water pic.twitter.com/jn GLYJx Qjk Hospitality is what we are proud of!

In some places only a river divides the two countries.

Dushanbe, the capital, is quite different at night to during the day.

New video on our e-visa system where you will understand how it is easy to visit Tajikistan!

#travel #Tajikistan #Central Asia #bestdestination #summer2018 #culture #lake #glaciers pic.twitter.com/z ENbmc7kgw What can be better just to have a relaxed weekend in nature?

Tajikistan is on the heroin highway from Afghanistan, where the drugs are then travelled onwards through Russia and into Europe.

As a result Tajikistan has quite a serious problem with the drugs and a subsequently growing HIV infection rate too.

Flashpoints are the Rasht (Gharm) valley where in September 2010 there was an ambush on Tajik soldiers in the Kamarob Gorge (unlikely to affect tourists as they hardly ever visit this region). More worryingly are the minor, often unexplained, explosions that occasionally occur in the capital Dushanbe.

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