Teacher dating parent of student

To receive credit for a class, a student is required to attend school for at least 90 percent of the days the class is offered (Section 25.092, Texas Education Code).Students with excessive absences may restore credit as provided by local policy.10.TEC Section 26.003(a) (3) is more strongly worded, requiring that a district's action denying those requests must be "reasonable." That is still a deferential legal standard, which generally means a district's action will be upheld if the decision was based on a logical reason.8.

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TEC Section 26.003(a) (2) is an entitlement to access to the administrator for the purpose of making a request.

It is not an entitlement to unilaterally move the parent's child, it is just to talk to the right person.

Mc Kinney questions can be addressed to the agency at 512-463-9357; transportation questions at 512-463-9237.

More information on homeless education in Texas is available at the Texas Homeless Education Office at the University of Texas at Austin.5. A child is not required to attend school unless he or she is at least six years old on September 1 of the school year. However, if a child is enrolled in Kindergarten, regular attendance is required.

A complaint about that policy or about an administrator should be taken through the local grievance process (to the principal, then the superintendent, then the school board), which is also a policy you should be able to obtain from the school district's or school's administration office.9.

What is the education law that states how many days of school students are expected to attend and how many days they can miss before they are held back?There are other provisions that allow a change of campus assignment (2(g)(3)), though they are very deferential to the parent's preferences.These are requirements of accepting federal funds; it does not matter that the transportation crosses district or county lines (there are no state laws that prohibit either).The Texas Education Agency implements the code as directed by the Legislature.However, state law does give the commissioner the ability to waive a few specific statutory requirements.4.Can the commissioner of education change the Texas Education Code?

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