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Being chivalrous and ensuring that the girl with you is having a perfect time is one of the best ways to silently compliment the girl you’re with.

And you can rest assured on this, if you’re chivalrous and warm during the date, she’ll feel warm and fuzzy all throughout the date too!

This does come naturally when you’re smitten by a beautiful girl who’s out on a date with you, but remember this as one of those quiet compliments.

[Read: What to talk about on a first date] If you can’t help staring at a girl and getting lost in her eyes or her beauty, it just shows how happy you are to be with her.

It may be as subtle as fabricating or embellishing stories about you or it may be as obvious as making threats.

Their aim may be strictly avenging the hurt you’ve caused them through rejection. 5 Tips For Handling The Divorce Bully; It goes against our nature to stand up and bully back especially if we are the soft hearted and sensitive type of person.

Compliment her for her skills Is she a ravishing karaoke singer or someone who knows her fine wine? [Read: Best questions to ask on a date] Most men assume girls don’t like to be complimented for anything other their appearance, but that’s just not true!

As a matter of fact, women are so accustomed to being complimented only for their good looks that it doesn’t soften their heart as much as a character compliment could.If that’s the position you need to take it’s probably for a good reason.Either you are protecting your assets, your children or your own personal safety.However, the sooner we learn to stand up for ourselves the sooner the bully will go away.Sometimes that means giving back some of what they dish out.So the next time you’re out with your woman and she shows off one of her great skills, whatever it may be, compliment her if it awes you.

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