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In December of 1919, the event that caused the notorious “Curse of the Bambino” occurred when new owner Harry Frazee sold Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees for 0,000.From that point on, the Red Sox were said to be cursed, having heart break season after heart break season for over 85 years.

Actually, they almost have a second-rounder, since their first-round selection the evening of April 26 in Arlington, Texas, will be 32nd and last. When Wentz was playing like a league MVP, before going down in Week 14, this accomplishment was going to be a cornerstone of his legacy.

Can you risk trading Foles, with Wentz rehabbing ACL and LCL injuries that assuredly will sideline him into August, at least? I get to work with him every day — the dude’s a stud. Now, when he does come back and take over, if he DOESN’T win the Super Bowl, as sure as talk radio sells ads for lawyers who target divorced dads, someone will mention the fact that, well, ya know, that other guy won it.

But not all was bad in Beantown during “The Curse.” The Boston baseball franchise began their history as one of the most successful teams in the MLB.

From 1903 to 1918, the Sox dominated the American League, winning six pennants and five World Series titles.

Some bumpy territory to navigate, and maybe a tricky decision for Howie Roseman, should some team decide that a 29-year-old, relatively low-mileage QB with a brand-new Super Bowl ring, who completed 72.6 percent of his postseason passes this year, for 971 yards in three games, with six touchdowns and one interception, compiling a 115.7 passer rating, might be a better answer to its problems than taking a shot in the draft. Higher than any postseason mark ever compiled, among QBs with 75 or more attempts, except for Troy Aikman and Joe Montana. It’s possible he did not want to stain Nick’s big day, that he felt it was easier to just punt. “Just told him to take this in, just enjoy this moment.

The Eagles currently lack a second- or third-round draft pick. He’s a great quarterback, and he’s a big reason — I told him, ‘You’re a big part of why this team won this championship and won this game.’ I told him, hopefully, we’ll be back in this game, with him leading the way.” Wentz, like Foles, has gone out of his way to avoid rocking the boat. Foles won the trophy Wentz was brought here to win.

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