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Scammers target the vulnerable—widows and widowers, the elderly, the lonely and isolated.They ask their marks to send money for travel expenses, steal their identities, or even, occasionally, convince them to commit crimes.Many clients tell us the subject has never asked for money, so they don’t see how they can be a victim.

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We have even seen cases where viruses are sent in the form of an attachment from an online dating partner, and the virus in turn obtains all the victims’ passwords and financial accounts. Unfortunately, too many clients contact us once they become suspicious and damage is done.

We urge people to consider a professional background check investigation as a form of insurance, and something that is best applied early in the relationship.

Our investigations are conducted according to local laws in each country where we operate.

In general, criminal activity is higher in many developing countries, which is why we hire former law enforcement and military professionals.

There is no $19.99 magical database one-can search.

As with all international verifications and due diligence, it is essential to have someone on the ground conducting local inquiries, who has access to local records, and who can speak the language and uncover actual evidence.In many cases, the subject will meet the victim in person in Russia or Ukraine and spend time reassuring him that she’s serious about marriage and leaving her country.The objective is to gain the victim’s trust and obtain as much personal data about him as possible.Dating scams work because it is very difficult to verify who you are dealing with over the internet.People are lonely and want to believe in something. We’ve seen attorneys, doctors and yes, police officers fall victim to online dating scams.You can’t have an American following a Filipino national in Manila, and you can’t have a private investigator from West Virginia conducting surveillance or obtaining evidence in Russia.

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