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The Data Adapter will use our connection (a well???

) and pump info into our Data Set which will be our bucket.

Another beautiful thing about using a Reader to move through data is because they are “forward only”.

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All we need is to tell it which driver to use and where to find the database file. Then we give it the connection string and open the connection…

If this had been a database like My SQL located on another server, we would have to specify IP address info as well as port. Notice in our code above we create a new Ole Db Connection and give it a connection string to tells it where to find and to use our OLEDB 4.0 driver.

One great place to find connection string data for tons of different databases is at

I am using a local instance of an access database that doesn’t require any real credentials to access. Ole Db namespace so we get to use Ole Db Connection as well as other classes you will see later.

NET has to dedicate less resources to managing the internal record pointer and can speed up access.

This means it is great for any situation where you simply want to loop through the values quickly and easily without needing to go back. Of course this is also the disadvantage, we can’t simply go to the previous record if we wanted to.

Like if we wanted to make sure that each name is properly capitalized we could do that before adding it to the list Box1. The last method here for selecting data is using a command object and fetching what is called a “Reader”.

This method is especially common because the command object is very flexible and good not only for select queries, but for updates, inserts and delete queries as well. We will use it again to show you a simple update in a second.

So grab a drink, kick off your shoes and lets play with some snippets here on the Programming Underground!

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