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This past week I traded my Canon for a GH4, and I’m slowly becoming familiar with the m43 format. I can already see the GH4 will meet my expectations, as it has yours. I want to remind all readers that Panasonic should be commended for offering updates to features they could easily save for future models but are offering as free updates. But the pain in getting those new features installed needs to be cut to a minimum, or ideally eliminated completely.

But the email below is pretty typical of many folks I’ve heard from. I should tell you, your work and explanations of the Panasonic cameras helped nudge me away from full frame (after 45 years); it was time for something new (video) while continuing to enjoy stills.

The Camera’s LCD screen should now be showing a screen asking if you desire to “Update” the firmware. Even though the update you are after is described at the top of this page, you actually have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of this same page to see the Download option you’re after.

The body I received has Firmware 1.1; I know Panasonic has and continues to update this, but I am completely lost as to how to do this, and where to find that information in a clear and concise example (I need illustrations! Like Bill, who wrote the email I shared above, I also have spent many frustrating hours trying to understand how the Lumix update system works.

Format the SD memory card in the camera, then take a couple of pictures. In this case a smaller card, 16GB or smaller should be used A. If you scroll down from the top you will see a heading tab What’s New. To get to the GH4, you have to first scroll all the way down to the bottom of this web page. Below that is the option to select either Accepted or Not Accepted. You now are taken to a page that actually does list and has the firmware updates for the GH4. Next, click on the Download Link for the GH4 in the far right column which takes you to the next page. As I mention above, this is just a screenshot of the TOP of the page you need.

Turn the Camera off, insert the SD Card if you copied the firmware to the card while inserted into the computer. Turn the Camera power on and press the “Playback” button. When the Camera has completed the firmware update it will turn itself off and then back on. This page is confusing since it shows not only the newest GH4 update but it also shows a list of all prior updates.

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